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About Uzilla

What is?

The Uzilla suite is a software solution for web based usability testing. It's aim is to decrease the time and effort required to do usability testing while also increasing the accuracy and power of the data collected.

The Uzilla suite is a combination of an application server and a custom browsing client that offers unparalleled data collection capabilities. In addition to pre, post, and during survey questions, Uzilla can log keystrokes and mouse movements.

Who is it for?

The Uzilla suite is a software solution embodying best practices in usability testing for websites. The product is intended to be useful to the usability practitioner and webmaster alike. It can be deployed in a traditional usability lab, around the corner at a user's desktop, or around the world at any internet connected computer, be it Linux, Macintosh, or Windows!

The Uzilla suite goes beyond similar products in both embedding the test directives and surveys into the browser and in logging low level details. There is a plan to share some of the knowledge derived from this at an aggregate level to help the UX community better understand the performance demographics of todays web users.


The technology behind Uzilla has been in development since 1996. A remote deployment script for IE has been open source for several years (Lucidity.SourceForge), logging data about page usage to the exiting URL. Lucidity introduced the notion of MouseMiles as a measure of user experience on the web.

The custom Mozilla browser client came about through the maturation of the browser and a early project implementing an open source add-on for gestural navigation.

Early motivations came from a realization of the potential of visualizations to offer insight into web behavior. Later experience by the Uzilla developers trying to lobby for resources to do usability testing in a busy development environment brought home the need to reduce the time and effort required to conduct a usability test. The Uzilla suite was designed to accomplish both goals.

A sister organization,, exists to provide information about web behavior to the benefit of all. A large scale technographics study is planned.

Uzilla, LLC was founded by Andy Edmonds in 10/2002.

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